Student/Parent Login

Online access to attendance, marks, performance, notes, academic syllabus, class timetable, notice, messaging etc. from the comfort of their home.

More Generalized

Be It Small Academy, Schools or Colleges, you can manage easily classes, sections, class timetable & subjects.

One click Print/Download

Search users easily, print mark-sheet, download academic syllabus/notes, print class routines, print invoice.

SMS Notification

Attendance or exam-marks notification for student/parent, noticeboard events & video conference meeting alerts for all.

Fees Management

Generate payment invoice for one student or for the entire class, Manage Payments and tracking their payment dues, Manage expenses.

Calendar & Events

Noticeboard events with easy Video Conference Meeting, invite users for conference, SMS alerts for notices or meetings created.


SMSPAT is the best software (Video Classroom Meetings), Multi-User,Multi-language, Unlimited Users,
One click Print/Download, Manage multiple branches, etc.
Four main users are

  • Dashboard - Calendar & Events
  • Manage Classes
  • Create Sections & Appoint Teachers
  • Create Subjects & Appoint Teachers
  • Create Exam
  • Manage Marks
  • Send marks to Parent/Student
  • Manage Grade
  • Manage Attendance
  • Attendance Report
  • Create Single/Mass Student Payment.
  • Tracking Student Payments.
  • Tabulation Sheet
  • Manage Notices & VCR
  • Manage Academic Syllabus.
  • Student Promotion to Next Class.
  • Study Material
  • Class Timetable/Routine
  • Class Timetable/Routine
  • Academic Syllabus - View/Print
  • Student Marksheet
  • Student - Request Book
  • Student Marksheet - View/Print

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Straightforward, all-inclusive pricing.

  • Coaching/Tuitions
  • 588/month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Monthly Updates FREE
  • Multi-branches
  • Multi Users
  • paid annually
  • Free Signup
  • Colleges
  • 1188/month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Monthly Updates FREE
  • Unlimited VC-Meetings
  • Multi Users
  • paid annually
  • Free Signup

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